Saturday, 5 October 2013

No celebrations for 90th birthday, says Dilip Kumar

By Hindustan Times

Awful rumours have being doing the rounds about the health of Dilip Kumar, who turns 90 on December 11. But when you visit him, you see that time has not been very harsh on the veteran actor, a man who is almost an institution in the Hindi film industry. He is much the same as he ever has been: suave, charmingly youthful and courteous, a true gentleman.

It doesn’t make sense to even try to introduce Dilip Kumar. He’s a lodestar for actors and a lesson in cinema for movie viewers across generations. But if at all something must be said about him, it’s this: that he has a beautifully alert mind, well nourished and refreshed every day by poetry, music and books, all of which he religiously devours.

It took several days to put this interview together. But we finally met the veteran actor and his lovely wife, Saira Banu, at their Pali Hill bungalow, where the duo have created a lovely haven that looks nothing like the outside world. No wonder they step out only if there is a public obligation to fulfill.

As we start the interview, we wish the legendary actor a very happy birthday, on our behalf and also on yours.

There have been increasing rumours about the deterioration of your health.
It is now amusing for us when a rumour about my health makes its rounds and we get anxious phone calls. I answer them myself and I thank the Almighty for giving me such affectionate friends and relatives. By God’s grace, I have been well except for an occasional touch of cold or fever. I try not to miss my walk at Joggers’ Park

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