Friday, 5 April 2013

Interview: I don’t need to compete with Salman Khan, says Akshay Kumar

By Hindustan Times

The inimitable Akshay Kumar shares anecdotes, talks about doing a Khiladi film with asin, and why you shouldn’t ask him to shoot at night.

Is there any pressure regarding Khiladi 786, given that it’s part of a successful franchise?
Akshay: I never feel any pressure about a film. What is meant to happen will happen. I have seen failure as well as success several times.

Why did it take 12 years to make another Khiladi film?
Akshay: Main action chhod chuka tha (I’d left action). I was focusing more on comedy and romance. Then, after Rowdy Rathore, I said I should return to action films.

You started with action. Is there any pressure returning to the genre?
Akshay: There’s no pressure. As a child, I loved climbing trees and jumping around. I enjoy the risk of bungee-jumping. I used to pay money to do it. Now, it’s the opposite. I get paid to do action.

How much does age matter?
Akshay: It hasn’t yet; maybe after five-six years it will. When my first Khiladi film came out (in 1992), she (Asin) was in the first standard! So, do you think age matters?

Asin, have you seen any of the previous Khiladi films?
Asin: I was little, so I don’t remember much about it. I do remember the songs and dance movements.

The film seems to be very colourful. Tell us about it.
Asin: It is a vibrant, fun movie. Akshay plays a very colourful Punjabi character. I play a Maharashtrian girl.
Akshay: She plays the peach, I play the brinjal!
Asin: If you think we are dressed colourfully, you should look at his family in the film. That’s colourful.
Akshay: (In the film) my dadi is from Africa. My chachi is from China. My mother is from London. Humara choron ka khandaan hai (it’s a family of thieves).

What’s the story behind the title Khiladi?
Akshay: The Khiladi title was given by Abbas-Mustan. It was my first hit film. And then, the media and audiences gave me the tag of Khiladi. The title stayed with me, and I quite enjoy it.

In the beginning, did you think of Khiladi as a franchise?
Akshay: I didn’t know what the word

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