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I don’t miss anything about Bollywood: Kumar Gaurav


Actor Kumar Gaurav doesn’t harbour any Regrets about turning his back on films

You’ve been dormant in Bollywood since the early 1990s. What has kept you occupied?
Gaurav: I’ve been keeping busy in life. I have a travel business in Maldives and I
was into some construction (business). I’ve not been doing films because I haven’t been getting good offers. Nothing interesting has come my way.

The day I get one, I’ll do it because I want to believe in it and enjoy it. I just don’t want to do films for the heck of it.

Don’t you miss showbiz?
Gaurav: I don’t miss anything about showbiz or Bollywood. My stardom was God’s grace and I am grateful to all my fans and appreciate their love for me. But I very much like my space. I’d rather stay with my family than go out.

Do you regret making wrong choices in your career?
Gaurav: I don’t have any regrets. You win some, you lose some. That’s the journey of a professional.

Didn’t your failures hurt you?
Gaurav: It didn’t hurt me personally. I did a job and it didn’t work. It is the audience’s job to judge us. If we fail, we try again and try harder and if even that doesn’t work, you move on. I don’t run away from anything.

Did you ever feel the pressure of being Rajendra Kumar’s son?
Gaurav: Initially I did feel the pressure because there were expectations because of my dad’s name. But I did whatever I could, to the best of my abilities.

Do you think the industry has been too quick in forgetting you?
Gaurav:If they don’t remember me, it doesn’t matter to me.

Any plans to ever take up direction?
Gaurav: I thought about it at times but soon gave up the idea. It is not my cup of tea.

Are you a recluse?
Gaurav:No. I’m a nature lover. I don’t like the cities. I have a house in Goa and I often escape to spend time there. I like travelling and wandering into the wilderness. I call Maldives my second home and I scuba dive a lot there.

How do you think Bollywood has changed since your time?
Gaurav:Bollywood has become very competent. Technically, it has changed a lot and for better. It has gone to a higher level.

Will your daughters venture into films?
Gaurav:No. The kids are not interested in films. Saachi is studying literature and Siyaa is into fashion designing.

What does their mother do?
Gaurav: My wife does charity and looks after the home.

Are you happy in life now?
Gaurav: I’m very happy and content. I’m enjoying life. This is the best phase of my life.

Industry speak
Bunty is a fab actor. He has always been one of my favourite heroes. He chose to not do films because he didn’t like the film offers. After Love Story, there were a couple of wrong choices he made. But he is an extremely chilled out guy. He is a hardcore family man. He’d rather be at home than be on sets.

I remember him as an absolutely giving co-star in Janam (1986). He was very encouraging and created a very safe environment for me to work. We clicked really well. I think he just fell prey to the nature of this ugly business. A person extremely talented and loved by the audiences suddenly disappeared.

Screen Name: Kumar Gaurav
Real Name: Manoj Tuli
Nickname: Bunty
Age: 54
Movies Done: 27
Acted regularly from 1981-1993 and since then has been dormant
Known for: Love Story, Naam, Kaante
Current profile: Busy with his travel and construction business
Married to: Namrata Dutt, daughter of Nargis and Sunil Dutt, and sister of Sanjay Dutt
Kids:Saachi,25 and Siya,21

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