Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Salman made fun of Hritik and Shahrukh

Salman Khan is fearless, mainly when it comes to the movies which are quite close to his heart. Be it his friend or his antagonist, nothing can stop Salman Khan to grab attention. In a promotion ad from the characters film, ‘Jangya’ says that he doesn’t like wearing underwear because Shahrukh and Hrithik Roshan do not.
Salman  and Shahrukh
Recently Salman Khan shot an exclusive ‘funny’ promos for his first production ‘Chillar Party‘ where he is shown interacting with one of the from the characters film, ‘Jangya’ who hates wearing underwear and find it very uneasy.
During the promo when Salman questioned Jangya, “Why don’t he wear an underwear?” Jangya replied to this, because Shahrukh Khan doesn’t and nor does Hritik Roshan. He also said one should not wear .When Salman was questioned if Aamir also not wear one to this Salman didn’t answered.
The movie doesn’t feature Salman in the movie, he is trying to create the right buzz in the promo with the kids and making people aware of the innocent humor of the movie. In another promo for the same movie, he gave his most famous trade mark shot that is he removed his shirt ,even the kids too joined him. This movie will hit the cinema on 8th July of this year. An item number performed by Ranbir is also roped in the movie.

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