Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Salman Khan a lion-hearted person

Despite being a controversial element in Bollywood Salman Khan proved to be a lion hearted man once again. This time he has given his helping hand to bollywood actress Mugdha Godse.Actress was waiting for her 2 year old pay cheque from Percept picture company but she was regularly denied by the Bosses of the company.
Salman Khan
Mugdha Godse who was in deep trouble approached Salman Khan, and our magnanimous khan didn’t wasted any time.And after having words with the Salman Khan Mugdha Godse recived her cheque of Rs 6,00,000 within hours for Madhur Bhandarkar‘s Jail.Source revealed that Mugdha was getting awnsers like “we will make your payment tommorow or day after that” in starting Mugdha felt that this was just a usual delay but as the time was passing she started fearing that she need someones help to recive the payment.
Mugdha discussed her problem with Salman Khan during an event where the head honcho of Percept ‘Shailendra Singh’ was also present. Of course our fear less Khan straight away walked to the Shailendra and he was frozen. Shailendra said Mugdha that she would recive her payment in no time and within hours she received the cheque within hours. Sources also said that according to Mugdha Salman Khan is her hero because he helped her to receive her so old payment

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