Monday, 6 February 2012

Widow held for bid on daughters life

Plotted Murder After Teenager Objected To Her Affair With Doctor 

Mumbai: Blinded by love for her paramour,a 47-year-old widow tried to kill her teenaged daughter with his help.The Kasara police have arrested Smita Pednekar,while her boyfriend,Sanjay Kumar,an ayurveda doctor,is on the run.The couple had strangled Smitas daughter,Vaibhavi (19),and left her for dead in some bushes in Kasara.Vaibhavi was later rescued by a police patrolling team,and she told them about the murder attempt.Following her complaint,Smita was arrested from her Malwani home.
Smita got acquainted with Sanjay (36) three years ago when he treated her son.At that time,Smitas family used to stay in Dahisar (E).Two years ago,Smitas husband,Yeshwant,contracted a serious illness and succumbed to it.After his death,Smita,her son and Vaibhavi shifted to Malwani.By then,Smita and Sanjay had grown close.Vaibhavi,however,objected to their relationship.Unable to convince her daughter,Smita gave in to Sanjays plan to bump the girl off.The duo told Vaibhavi that they were taking her for a vacation to Nashik.Sanjay hired a private car with a driver.On January 27,the trio reached Nashik where they stayed at alodge, a police official said.
On January 28,they headed back to Mumbai.On reaching the National Highway at Kasara,Sanjay asked the driver to halt.He told the driver that he and Smita were going to perform a religious ritual some distance away.The driver was instructed not to disturb them or turn around and watch.Sanjay and Smita took Vaibhavi with them.Around 9pm,the duo strangled her and tossed her into the bushes when she stopped struggling.The couple then returned to the car and covered their luggage with a blanket on the backseat to make it appear like a sleeping girls silhouette.After crossing some distance,Sanjay and the driver stepped out for tea.Smita then left the car with her bags.Sanjay told the driver that Smita and her daughter had decided to travel separately, the official said.
At 10.30 pm,a Kasara police patrolling van spotted Vaibhavi in the bushes.They rushed her to a hospital in Shahapur.Vaibhavi narrated her ordeal to the cops.She was first shifted to the Thane civil hospital and then to JJ Hospital.Smita was arrested on January 31 on charges of attempt to commit murder.A friend of Vaibhavis father has now admitted her to a nursing home in Dahisar.The Kasara police are looking for Sanjay.

1 Smita and Sanjay take Vaibhavi to Kasara.2 They strangle her and leave her amid some bushes,thinking she has died.3 A patrolling police team spots Vaibhavi lying in the bushes and takes her to a hospital where she narrates her ordeal

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