Monday, 6 February 2012

Shah Rukh Khan assaults film-maker Shirish Kunder

Shah Rukh Khan is said to have punched and slapped film-maker Shirish Kunder last night. Read on for juicy details...
Those who are following Shirish Kunder on a popular micro-blogging site might opine that his tweets against RA.One would irk Shah Rukh Khan.

Shrish Kunder

At the same time, those who disagree would be quick to point out that if the actor can take digs at others, then he should have a sense of humour to accept jibes directed at him as well.

In the early hours of Sunday, SRK retaliated to the director's remarks, not verbally, but physically. It is learnt that SRK slapped and punched Shirish and also commented on the latter's friendship with his archrival and foe, Salman Khan.

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