Monday, 6 February 2012

Renaissance an inspiring theme for dancers

Mumbai: The Times of India Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is known for the amalgamation of various aspects of art and culture under one roof.And when culture is the key word here,how can the good ol Maharashtrian tradition be left behind In an attempt to revive the old culture of the state,professional classical dancers of Aditi Vidyalaya along with a group of students from Mumbai University will bring together various forms of folk dance and devotional song forms under Salaam Marathi La.
Well start our performance with the nandi dance,where performers will do a tandav for Lord Shiva, said Tanvi Palav,one of the lead dancers from Aditi Vidyalaya.This will be followed by other Maharashtrian dance forms like the lavani and koli dances.
Highlights of the evening include a performance by a group of kids using a 60kg palkhi.This involves a lot of hard work and creativity as performers need to keep up with the fast music and steps and at the same time balance the palkhi, she said.Besides,there will be a traditional dance called the chabina,choreographed by teammate Vaibhav Satrange,and a classical dance based on an event from Krishna and Radhas love story called Mee Radhika.
While the various dances are choreographed by professional classical dancers,including Palavs guru Lata Balkar,the involvement of students from Mumbai University will be something to look forward to.These students have participated in various festivals and recently won the trophy for their performance at the national level inter-university competition, added Palav.We hope to showcase the true culture of our state and inform people about our rich tradition, said Palav.

This performance will be staged today (Monday) at Cross Maidan Gardens at 8.45pm.

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