Monday, 6 February 2012

The really dirty picture

HitList offers a delicious bite into the fascinating world of B, C, D and E-Grade films of Bollywood

While Neha Dhupia's famous quote 'sex and SRK sells in Bollywood' holds true for A-Grade-films, there is a blooming parallel industry of B, C, D and E-Grade films that can easily do without any Khan. All they need is a heavy dose of 'erotica and cheap thrills' to get the desired eyeballs.

A still from Miss Lovely

We chat up with a cross section of people a B-Grade-films-enthusiast Aseem Chandaver, the director of Miss Lovely (which pays tribute to C-Grade films) Ashim Ahluwalia, the king of B-Grade-films Kanti Shah, to find out the ABCs of the industry and what makes it such a cult.

What is a B-Grade film?
A B-movie is generally defined as a low budget film that is definitely not art house or pornographic. Ahluwalia, who has spent 10 years researching on this industry says, "It's actually a meaningless term. In its original usage in 1950s America, the term specifically described a film intended for distribution as the unknown; bottom half of a double feature, often in drive-in cinemas. It doesn't mean anything in India except it is often a raunchy film without major stars, although Dharam-ji has appeared in many." According to Chandaver, the evolution of B-Grade films started in 1987 with a film called Raat Ke Andhere Main.

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