Monday, 6 February 2012

No place for ego

New composer readily accepts Himesh Reshammiya's suggestion to tweak a song in his next film

We often hear about cut-throat competition and insecurity in the film industry. So it's like a breath of fresh air to learn about new composer Shyam Balkhar agreeing to Himesh Reshammiya's suggestion of changing the hookline of a song from his forthcoming movie, Haule Haule Ho Jaayega Pyaar.

When Balkhar composed the track Abhi hai kuchh naye naye se gham, he felt Raahat Fateh Ali Khan would best render it. Since he's a relative newcomer, the film's creative producer, Rakesh Upadhyay, who's also best friends with Himesh, spoke to the ace singer-composer to help coordinate with the Pakistan-based artiste.

"Himesh and Rakesh share a  thick friendship. So Himesh personally co-ordinated with Raahat saab to get the song recorded in Lahore," reveals a source associated with the movie.

Later, when Shyam shared the song with the experienced senior through Rakesh, Himesh not only praised it, but also suggested they change the hookline to an aalaap so it registers better.

Confirming this, Upadhyay said, "Shyam's composition of Abhi hain kuchh naye naye se gham is very touching. But when he changed the hookline to an aalaap, following Himesh's suggestion, he was thrilled with the impact of the song. He thanked Himesh for not only helping him get Raahat to record the song but also for his input."

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