Monday, 6 February 2012

Expect faster trains,more rakes this year

Mumbai: Your ride between Churchgate and Virar will now be faster and better,all thanks to the overhead traction conversion from 1,500 volt DC to 25,000 volt AC on the Western Railways entire suburban section.
The last leg of the conversion,between Churchgate and Andheri stations,was carried out by 800 WR workers during Sundays mega block.The frequency of trains is expected to improve drastically from this week.At least 30 extra,mainly 12-car,trains will be introduced in the next two months.Train speeds are expected to cross 120kmph in the near future.
It is a historic moment for WR, said general manager Mahesh Kumar.We have installed,on railway premises,Indias biggest transformers;two near Mahalaxmi station and three near Bandra.We have done away with the eight-decade old DC system and have switched to the power-saving,non-polluting and powerful AC traction system, he said.
The new system will provide more power to install better equipment,run faster trains,run more rakes and make commuting a pleasant experience for lakhs of passengers.
Besides the regular trains,which will now run at over 100kmph as opposed to the earlier 80kmph speed,trials are on to introduce a high-speed train,which will run at 120kmph.
WR chief public relations officer Sharat Chandrayan said,The mega block on Sunday was successful.We understand that there must have been some inconvenience caused to commuters,but the change was necessary in the general interest of our passengers. Chandrayan said 800 personnel were directly involved and 200 more indirectly with the massive conversion work carried out mainly near Mahalaxmi and Bandra stations.Our workers climbed 20 feet carrying heavy wires weighing 7-8 kg and ensured that the entire conversion was completed with clockwork precision, he added.
In the earlier system,1,500 volts of DC power was supplied to the Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) through the overhead wires.Now,the electric charges movement will periodically reverse direction and 25,000 volts of AC power will be supplied from the transformers to the EMUs.Anyone coming within two metres of the overhead wire will be charred to death.
Chandrayan said that with the transformers installed,WR is now capable of expansion in the future.

POWER PLAY: The AC sub-station at Mahalaxmi was completed on Sunday

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